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Seed Garden Designs llc designs landscapes with your household in mind. We generate an easy to read design that brings to life your deepest desires for your space, while also meeting your budget and maintenance needs. We work with like-minded, qualified contractors, masons,

plumbers and carpenters to help your

dream become a reality.



Our design package includes:

~ hourly consultation

~ overhead scale design

~ detailed plant list


Additional design elements:

~ digital illustrations

~ step-by-step project instructions

~ color catalog of design-specific

   plant profiles



Landscape Design

We offer custom, sustainable landscape design services, including hourly consultations, digital overhead scale drawings and color plant profiles. Our landscapes are designed to work with all household members, creating a space that will grow more beautiful as it coexists alongside you. Whether we are changing the shape of your land, visioning a custom stone patio or tailoring plant selections to suit your style and palette, our designs will reflect you.


Basic design packages range from $800 - $1,500 per area and include 3 hours of consultation, overhead scale design drawings, and a detailed plant list. In our consultations, we will get a thorough understanding of what you are looking for, your aesthetic and your budget. We can provide phasing recommendations to space your project out over time. We offer further options to suit your needs, such as illustrated designs, DIY instructions and hourly tutorials.

Overhead Scale Plans

Color Plant Profiles

Color Digital Illustrations

Landscape Design Drawings

Our comprehensive designs include grading and drainage, bed creation, planting trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals, pathways, patios, arbors, fences and decks, lighting and water features. We use evergreen, edible, medicinal, NW native, low maintenance, ornamental and pollinator attracting plants. We consider stylish and artful containers, furniture and outdoor sculpture. And we love designing chicken coops, tool sheds, outdoor kitchens and produce wash stations.


Landscape Installation prices can vary a great deal depending on the complexity and size of the project. An average full yard renovation, including hardscaping, generally costs 10% of the value of a home. We know this is a great investment and we design with your budget in mind. We work with a variety of contractors to accommodate your schedule and budget.


Design Elements

Evergreen, edible, medicinal, native, ornamental plants

Patios, paths, rock walls and raised beds

Custom designs for bamboo, wooden, and

metal garden structures

Sculptural elements from natural and human-made materials

Container gardening and trellising

Custom chicken coop designs



Client Testimonials



"Before we contacted Seed, my husband and I were not sure if anything could be done with our small, awkwardly shaped outdoor spaces. In the initial meetings with Alissa and Dreya, it became clear that they had the vision to turn our skinny, disconnected bits of yard into a beautiful, interesting, coherent garden. Once the design was completed and approved, they worked their tails off to completely transform our entire yard." - A. Hayes



"I was really pleased by the way Dreya and Alissa handled each aspect of the project, from design to implementation. To have the vision and be able to execute it is quite impressive."

- Design/Installation Client


"Throughout the entire process they were creative and flexible (when the inevitable unforeseen challenges arose) as well as kind and delightful - all in all, a true pleasure to work with."

- Client of 4 years




"We love, love, love our garden -and we also love the heaps of compliments we get from just about everyone who happens by our home."

- Client of 5 years


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