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"Since [our] initial installation, we have been Seed Garden Designs maintenance clients. A few times a year, Alissa and Dreya re-visit our garden and give it the love and care necessary for it to thrive. As a result, our yard looks more spectacular each year." - A. Hayes


Consistent maintenance of your property is the most efficient use

of our services.  On-going care takes away the need to

reclaim overgrowth and race the growth of weed seeds.  The appearance of your yard is beautiful and plants are more productive and healthy.


Our maintenance services include:

Weeding, pruning small trees & shrubs, harvesting, seasonal clean-up, plant fertilizing, & mulching. We use only organic & non-toxic products, and we are fully human powered on your property (no stinky, noisy machines!). Sign up for a monthly contract! Our most popular is 9 monthly visits, averaging 7 hours each, with 2 debris hauls.... pay over the year for only $220/month! Or sign up for a full day of maintenance each season, with a half load debris haul is only $620! (Average need for 3-4 seasonal visits/year).


Standard Maintenance - $40/hour. Debris Haul - $30/half $60/full

Seasonal Plantings

We brighten your space with seasonal color by planting annual flowers and veggies in your containers and raised boxes. With an average plant budget of $150/season, we can replant container gardens or get veggies going for you to nibble through the year!


Garden Store Visit

Meet us at one of Portland's great nurseries! We walk around with you to help select the best plants for your space.



Hourly Consultation

If a design package is more than you are looking for, our hourly consultations may be right for you.  We meet with you to help you design your own space, answer specific questions or troubleshoot.




We can show you how to do it yourself!  Get hand-on advice for planting, pruning, container design, and more.



Material Delivery and Debris Haul





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