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Custom design

Seed Garden Designs creates landscapes with your household in mind. By getting to know the values, aesthetics and daily rhythms of you and your household, we help create a landscape that feels like home. We tailor herbal, edible, and medicinal plants to fit your specific needs of health, tastes, and styles. We love planning tea gardens with herb spirals based on specific wellness interests, or a children's garden designed to welcome native habitat to stimulate curiosity. We are also fond of our food based theme gardens: a pizza garden is always a family hit!


We pay attention to the pathways and flow that you, children, or animals create. The landscapes we design work with all household members creating a space that will grow more beautiful as it coexists alongside you.


Edible Integration

At Seed Garden Designs we specialize in incorporating edible plantings that are so beautiful in appearance they would be chosen strictly for their ornamental value! We select edible shrubs, low maintenance, and perennial plant varieties of the foods you love to tempt your senses from garden to table. We design with the seasons in mind, so crops are abundant and varied through the year, with different delectables that keep you wandering through the garden.


Rain Garden

What is a rain garden?

Rain gardens and swales are beautiful and ecologically sound ways to help prevent flooding in basements or along home/structural foundations. A rain garden reduces the amount of storm water from your rooftop or other collection points on your property from entering the sewer system.


Solid piping is attached to your gutter system downspout and directed underground away from a house or structure. The piping has an outlet, into a layered rock basin that slowly drains the discharged water from the pipeline at a rate that the ground can absorb. Often we design beautiful water-absorbing plants along the rain garden to assist in the drainage.


Rain gardens are also used for areas of flooding, pooling, or extreme runoff. In these cases the grade of the land may be altered to create a basin or trench lined with layered varied sized rock and water absorbing plants to create a "pond effect." The water will runoff, fallowing the slope of the land, and drain into the bioswale.


Seed Garden Designs designs unique and artistic rain gardens that are as pleasing to the eye as to your rain water problems! Each Bioswale is created specifically to take your land, amount of water, and personal style into account.


Sculptural Elements

The Seed Garden Designs team is comprised of artisans and craftspeople. We pride ourselves in the unique and artistic sculptural form your landscape will take. We also love to design sculptural and functional elements using varied organic and human crafted materials for fencing, trellises, arbors, garden structures, water features, outdoor furniture, and outdoor artwork. Check some of the great folks with work with out on our                                       page!



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